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Happenings ~ Episode 1

-Carly drives the car up the driveway.
-They get out of the car
CARLY: "It's not much, and it only has two bedrooms, but its home."
-The girls get out of the car, Carly moves around to the back
-Amee looks straight faced at the house
CARLY: "You going to help me carry this stuff in or stand there gawking?"
-Amee moves around to the back of the car
-Zooms slowly in on house
CARLY: "I'll call you down when suppers ready, okay?"
-Amee nods and walks up the stairs.
AMEE: 'I never thought my sister would actually uproot us because some stupid doctor told her it "Would be better
-Fades to doctor and Carly talking over a desk
DOCTOR: "It would be better for the child's health. Her visions are quite odd, and worrysome. Who knows whether shes seeing whats happening, or making them happen."
CARLY: "But, shes sees the past also, so that can'-"
DOCTOR: "Who knows? But I assure you, you should move her to a more peaceful community, somewhere with much less stress.."
-Moves towards Amee's face peeking around corner while Doctor is talking
DOCTOR: "Besides, we don't need any such trouble around here. If she doesn't snap out of it, we should take these situations more seriously, maybe a asylum would be proper.."
CARLY: "I understand. Thank you Dr. Williams."
-Carly notices Amee staring through door
-Carly's face twists to sadness
-Amee goes in her room and relaxs on her couch
AMEE: 'It's not my fault I'm not normal, that I can see things others can't. You see, I'm physic, and ever since my parents and my one brother, David, died in the crash the visions have been stronger. Espeicially that night when I saw them in the plane, happily chattering away when it crashed.. so vivid..'
-Amee gets up and looks out a window, at the night sky
AMEE: 'But this time I won't tell anoyone about my dreams, no one!'
CARLY: Suppers ready!
-Amee walking down the stairs, she goes into the dining room and eats, looking at her food all the while
AMEE: 'Because it's safe'
-Amee looking around, so confused
-A door appears in the blackness
-Amee walks towards the door, and opens it. She instantly dresses in a bridesmates dress instead of her pjs, and is standing infront of an aile with tons of people starring at her
CASSANDRA: "Go ahead dear!"
-Amee spins around and looks at Cassandra in her wedding dress. She then turns back to face the aile and walks down it
-After everyone is up the aile, Amee notices her little brother, David, and he waves at Amee.
-He dissapears after it shows Amee's shocked face, and becomes Alexander.
-Cassandra and Don exchange rings, but Don runs from the alter, leaving Cassandra crying at the alter.
-Everyone starts laughing. Cassandra runs away crying.
AMEE: "What? He leaves her?"
-Amee wakes up gasping for air
-Amee is drinking coffee at the dining talble, Carly is reading from the newspaper
CARLY: "Look at this! They need a suply teacher at South! I've supplyed before, so I should be a shoe in for that job."
-She smiles and then looks at Amee
CARLY: "What's wrong? Is it one of your dreams?"
-Amee shakes her head no
CARLY: "Well, I'd better call the school before the jobs taken, enjoy your Saturday!"
-She gets up and leaves
-Amee, still drinking her coffee goes in the living room and watches TV.
-As soon as she sits down, the doorbell rung
AMEE: "Jeez, as soon as I sit down too."
-She gets up and goes to the door, and gets shocked
-Cassandra waves
CASSANDRA: "Hello, my names Cassandra! This is my fiance, Don."
-Don waves
DON: "Hey."
CASSANDRA: "We just wanted to greet you, welcome you to the neighbourhood."
AMEE: "Uh, yea. My sister is out at the moment though, so.."
DON: "Sister?"
AMEE: "Yea.. Carly. I came here from Veronaville and I live with my sister here."
CASSANDRA: "Don't you have parents?"
AMEE: "They died when I was 10.."
CASSANDRA: "Oh dear, well. I guess that does happen. May we come in?"
AMEE: "I don't know.."
-She looks at Don, who is looking at himself in a mirror
AMEE: 'Damn, he is hot' "Sure."
CASSANDRA: So, how is Veronaville?
AMEE: What? Oh, It's.. fine.
CASSANDRA: Thats nice, because Don and I were thinking of honeymooning there, weren't we sweety?
DON: I still say Three Lakes
CASSANDRA: It's to cold there!
AMEE: So. Uh, what's it like here?
CASSANDRA: Well, it's nice. Except latley there has been quite a bit of tension..
AMEE: Oh great.
CASSANDRA: Well, the Broke's lost Skip not so long ago, poor Brandi was devastated
-Don is looking through a bookshelf
DON: Yea.. Strange pool ladder incident.. Hey, is this your sister?
-Picture of Carly in a frame on wall appears
AMEE: Uh, yea.
DON: Hmmm.
CASSANDRA: Back on topic, Skip never really could swim.
AMEE: I see..
-Amee keeps staring at Don
CASSANDRA: Eh hem! Theres also the rumour that Bella Goth, Mortimer's wife, go abducted by aliens.
-Cassandra starts laughing but starts tearing up
CASSANDRA: She was my mother. One day she left the house and just didn't come back.
DON: Aww, hun. No crying, its weak.
-Don still poking around in background
-Amee goes and consoles Cassandra
AMEE: I'm so sorry
CASSANDRA: Isn't that what everyone says?
-She laughs and wipes her tears away, Amee smiles
-Carly runs in, jumping around like the hyper idiot she is
CARLY: I got the job! I'm a new supply teacher for the year because one of the teachers got pregnant with the princi-
-Carly notices Don and becomes shy
CARLY: Uh, whos here Amee?
CASSANDRA: I'm Cassandra and this is my fiance, Don.
-Carly walks over to Don and shakes his hand
DON: Hello.
CASSANDRA: Well, we should be leaving now.
CARLY: It was great to meet you
CASSANDRA: Oh! And I almost forgot!
-Cassandra faces Amee
CASSANDRA: Would you mind being my Junior Bridesmate? My cousins daughter was going to do it, but she got a case of the nerves.
DON: Otherwise know as, a bad case of diarhea.
-Carly laughs
AMEE: Uh, sure.
CASSANDRA: Great, I'll come over tomorrow to talk about the arrangments with you.
-Cassandra walks out, Don walks over to Carly
DON: See ya around
CARLY: Yea.....
-Don leaves and Carly literally dances out of the room
AMEE: Oh god.

Happenings ~ The Characters and the Plot

~The Characters

The Goth Family

The Broke Family

The Pleasant Family

The Calinete Family

The Lothario Family

The Dreamer Family

The Oldie Family

The Burb Family

The Wright Family (MAIN FAMILY)

~The Plot
Amee is a physic, and can see things that are going to happen in the future or that have already happened in the past. These visions are always whenever she sleeps at night, good and bad. But, mostly bad. Her sister had moved her to Pleasantview, hoping the dreams will go away, but when arriving to Pleasantview the drama kicks in, and who knows what'll happen then?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LD - Chapter 1; The Past

Script~Chapter 1~The Past:
-Lucy walking through graveyard, a man is following her
MAN: "Hey! Slow down!"
-Lucy giggles and does a ballet twirl, eventually facing the man
-He moves quickly towards her and grabs her butt
-Her face instantly becomes furious, but she smiles sweetly and reaches towards the man to hug him.
-The man pulls her into a romantic hug, smiling evily.
LUCY: "You wasted drunk."
-She bites into his neck, and then licks a drop of blood as it appears.
-His face is mesmerized, until he notices shes biting into his neck and draining his blood quickly, but its to late for him to scream.
-He falls to the ground dead and Lucy wipes her mouth of blood. Theres a shocked expresion left on his now lifeless face.
-She crouches beside his body, running her fingers slowly across his now-pale neck
LUCY: "It wasn't always like this, you know. I used to be human, just like you."
-She sits down and faces towards the sky.
LUCY: "400 years ago, whenever people usually married a lot younger, I met a wonderful man. He was pale, had the gorgeous dark black hair and mesmerizing red eyes. Other woman called him creepy, and way to mysterious, but I was all for that. He was the perfect man for me, and I thought he loved me too."
-Tears start falling from her face, but she instantly wipes them away
LUCY: "He looked at me like he looked at no other woman, and the day we shared our first kiss."
-She shivers
LUCY: "It was amazing, truly amazing. The day came when he finally proposed and I accepted right away. On our wedding day I wore my mothers dress, the only thing my family could afford, we were really poor. While I was examining myself in the tall mirror he walked into the room."
-Her eyes are staring blankly ahead now, like shes not even there.
LUCY: "He was in the shadows, but I could tell it was him, I had watched him so often. I quickly asked him what he was doing there, that it was bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress. He only smiled and walked forward, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me towards him. At first I thought he was going to kiss me, but when he licked my throat I knew what was happening instantly. I tried to run, but he was so strong. He slowly sank his fangs into my neck and I screamed."
-Lucy gets up instantly, noticing the sun slowly coming up. She quickly finished.
LUCY: "It was painful, and when he pulled me out of the church after we had exchanged blood he locked me in his house. When he was finally done exchanging blood with me enough he left me to die, to live, it depended if I was strong enough for the change. I was, and now look at me, a creature of the night. A monster."
-She walked towards the destroyed church, knowing that only her dead victims will ever know her real secret. She walked over to a tomb and slide it aside, showing a staircase. Once down the stairs finally she pulled the cover back overtop the tomb. She walked down the stairs and found yet another tomb. Instead of another staircase though, she went inside this tomb and lay down. She closed her eyes, knowing she was shielded from the horrible sun that could destroy her if she dared walk into it.

About Lucy Darkholm

Lucy Darkholm was made by Wicked_Poppies at MTS.
There was a large description there about her and all of a sudden I started brainstorming (check other post)

Heres the link if you want to download her. Also the description I read is also here:

Lucy Darkholm - Brainstorming

Lucy Darkholm - (Pronounce last name Dark-home)

1. Was in love with a man, on the eve of their wedding he changed her life forever, by turning her into a vampyre.
2. Lives under an old, destroyed church
3. Feeds off of human lives, usually men in relationships who had become unfaithful to their spouse. Usually she prefers the inoccent, because they do taste better.
4. She tells the corpses she has fed off of about her past life, since the dead do keep their secrets.
5. One day shes meets a young man, and even though he wasn't married, there was something about him so she decides to grab him for later
6. She starts to get to know him, and even though she doesn't know it, she falls in love.
7. Whenever she decided to feed off of him, she couldn't kill him, so she stopped and told him all about her
8. He admits to loving her, and they marry under the stars.
9. The end, not a chance! Lucy wants a non-vampyre life, and decides to find a way to become human
10. The man who had changed her life forever finds her in the woods, and tells her he loves her, and wanted her love.
11. She rejects him, so, since he is older and so a lot stronger, traps her in his basement, and leaves her to almost die of thrist. She goes through this torture, and eventually he is about to end it with a stake through her heart when her husband comes and throws the stake into the mans heart.
12. But, it was to late. Lucy lay dieing on the cold floor, and her dieing wish was to go to heaven, even after all the trecherous things she had done. But during being caught between the living and the dead, a woman comes to her and tells her that she has a choice, to become a little part of the light and not all night, or join their ranks. Her bloodlust would never leave, but she could go out during the day without turning to dust.
13. She decides to leave, and she knows that she will never truly be human.
14. Everyonce in a while she checks on her newly-married husband and his family, and protects them from any evil.